Organization: Wave Fibre Mill-Custom Milling and Fibre ProcessingServices

Spokesperson Wave Weir, Founder and Fashion Designer

Location: West Parry Sound Municipal Airport Business Park – 3 Murphy Road, Seguin Township

About Wave Fibre Mill: This operation blends history and innovation, environmentalism and economic prosperity. The facility houses several large traditional machines, including a wash train – one of only four of its kind in North America. The team efficiently processes Ontario-sourced wool from start to finish without harsh, toxic chemicals or additives. Their philosophy is to support local, source local and keep their footprint small. Wave Fibre Mill collaborates with local farmers to process their shorn wool into high-quality yarn and textiles. They have garnered the attention of many up-and-coming designers. Along with yarn, roving, batts and yardage, they also market Wave and Heather’s custom-designed, heirloom-quality clothing and other cozy items. The mill offers workshops to engage and educate the community.

Sequin Township is a great place to start your business because: “The airport team has been so welcoming. The overall community support has been fantastic! Even when we were unsure of how to get the large machines into the hangar, our neighbour, Georgian Bay Marine, rallied their resources and helped us to move in. The mayors of McKellar and Seguin have been advocates every step of the way. This is a fabulous community! Anywhere artists and crafters thrive, the community blossoms.”