The Fibreshed Movement

“There is a major disconnect between what we wear and our knowledge of its impact on our land, air, water, labour and human health. Even those who value access to sage, local, nutritious food have largely overlooked the production of fibre, dyes, and the chemistry that forms the backbones of the modern textile production. While humans are 100 percent reliant on their second skin, it’s common to think little about the biological and human cultural context from which our clothing derives.Almost, a decade ago, weaver and natural dyer Rebecca Burgess developed a project focused on wearing clothing made from fibre grown, woven, and sewn within her bioregion of North Central California. As she began to network with ranchers, farmers, and artisans, she discovered that even in her home community there was ample raw material being grown to support a new regional textile economy with deep roots in climate change prevention and soil restoration. A vision for the future came to focus, combining right livelihoods and a textile system based on economic justice and soil carbon enhancing practices. Burgess saw that we could create viable supply chains of clothing that could become the new standard in a world looking to solve the climate crisis.”

Rebecca Burgess, 2019,, March 11, 2022,

Our Role in the “Movement”

We believe our role is to connect; to connect people, knowledge, processes, community and philosophies; to provide an option for those searching for sound natural choices.

There are many reasons to search out, and choose, locally grown and locally processed clothing, accessories and housewares.

  • Simply for the beauty and qualities of natural fibre.
  • To make choices that are within the limits of what the environment can sustain.
  • To choose deliberately to support processes that sequester carbon and return fertility to the land.
  • To choose products that return to the soil, free of plastics and toxins.
  • To support a local regional textile economy, strengthening the viability of area farms, mill workers, entrepreneurs and artisans.
  • For our very survival; scientists are understanding that over millennia, we have evolved to integrate the stimuli of the natural world into our physical development and our ability to remain healthy.
  • The colours, sounds, lights, smells, tactile stimulus, textures, cycles…of the natural world are actually required: for us to be whole and maintain health.

Our Mission

To make locally grown and processed products that honour respectful and responsible traditions.

Our Vision

 To support a local fibre economy that values small-scale agriculture and family farms, direct producer to consumer relationships and environmental regeneration. 

Our Goals

  1. Provide processing services to mid-sized fibre producing farms.
  2. To manufacture high quality natural fibre product.

Wave Fibre Mill operates full-time providing year-round employment and educational opportunities through workshops, mill tours and festivals.

Our line of yarns, yardage, felt and garments are in keeping with pastoral regenerative traditions. Our retail line engages the work and services of local entrepreneurs and artisans, such as sewers, knitters, basket weavers, button makers, shoemakers, and other skilled makers.

Our products and services provide a socially, environmentally and economically responsible choice to meet increasing demand from consumers. Wave Fibre Mill embraces and supports the Fibreshed Movement, contributing to increased community resiliency.