We have purchased the equipment for a semi-worsted spinning mill.

Installation is happening now, October 2021.

As we are developing our processes, we are taking expressions of interest from farmers, shepherds, artisans, etc. as to what services, or end products, would be most useful for your operation.

Once we establish our services we will post what is available and our pricing here.

Do let us know;

  • tell us about your operation and needs
  • what services would you use
  • are you interested in selling your fleece
  • distance from Parry Sound
  • end use of your product
  • breed and herd size
  • colour of fleece
  • grade of fibre
  • date of shearing
  • size of operation
  • etc.

We look forward to hearing from you as we embark on the setting up and establishment of the services of our upcoming fibre mill.