The Mill

Wave Fibre Mill is a semi-worsted spinning mill.

The equipment is in and we are presently testing and calibrating the machinery.

As we train and test, we are very excited about the results! The equipment is proving to be quite capable of producing a fine, uniform yarn from our local Ontario fibre. The semi-worsted mill equipment was purchased from Hidden Touch Yarns in Osgoode. Shirley and Richard Auprix compiled this mill from machines, parts and designs from textile mills across North America. They have done a spectacular job!

Adding our services to the many fine small mills that are already operating in the province, we are hoping to help decrease the existing bottleneck in production.

We have begun establishing relationships with several area farms, testing their particular breed of fibre to establish its qualities and determining what product it would be best suited for. We also purchase raw fleece from regenerative farms for our own line of products; supplying batts, roving, yarn, felt, and soon yardage, to consumers, as well we work with farmers, in the development of finished product for the farm to sell, made entirely from their own fleece.

We also work with designers looking to use Ontario wool in their line of products.

It has been a journey. We are now shifting from the dream to actuality and it’s great!

We take expressions of interest from farmers, shepherds, artisans, designers, entrepreneurs etc. as to what services, or end products, would be most useful.

We look forward to hearing from you.