We provide services from picking and washing to spinning yarn and making garments.

Minimum intake weight required for each custom produce is 50 lbs of skirted fleece.

Skirted fleece results in a higher quality end product with less down time on the equipment. Skirting is a simple procedure that can take minutes during the shearing process.

Contact us if you need further information on skirting.

All incoming bags need to be clearly labeled with your farm name and breed. Extra charges may apply toward any excessive time spent skirting and labeling at the mill.

For large orders a 500.00 deposit is required for 100 lbs of fleece paid before processing begins.

Orders that are not picked up within 30 days of notification will become the property of Wave Fibre Mill.

Of note: We are finding an increase in scurf. Scurf is a waxy dandruff type contaminant in the wool caused by a mite. It becomes apparent in the carding. Scurf seriously affects the quality of your roving and yarn. Some have been so extreme making processing impossible.

Some breeds require additional washing due to vegetation and/or lanolin.

“I’ve had two batches of my fleece processed by Wave Fibre Mill, one brown/charcoal and one white, and they both came back looking amazing. The spinning quality is lovely, a nice balanced 2ply fingering weight that I think will sell nicely through my farm store. The turnover time was less than a couple of months and the communication with Wave and Heather was so easy. They were very helpful with giving advice on what weight of yarn and ply to make the finished product into based on my sheep breeds and I will be going back with next years’ fleeces for the same wonderful treatment!”

Brenda Hsueh, Black Sheep Farm, Grey County
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