September 8, 2021

Our very first flax harvest.

Now, before all of the handwork yet to come to turn this into ‘flaxen linen’, we can dream. It is so beautiful and a joy to harvest!

August 11, 2021

Our first equipment installation at the mill site!

Our wet felter has moved from the farm.

Our next step is to complete renovations before the full scale install.

Step by step, we are moving closer!

August 5, 2021


Well, we know what happens to “the best laid plans of mice and men…..”, but, we now have the key! We are working with renovations, layout and installation! Everything is coming together after the inadvertent delays. We are now in a position to work in the building! Very exciting indeed, to walk through the chalk lines and figure out the most efficient layout for the equipment. This will be quite the piece of choreography, but we have the support and expertise of good people and crews working toward our successful installation.

The next couple of months will be extraordinary to say the least. Many of you have indicated that you are watching and waiting, we will keep you posted as we go. Our focus has now shifted from planning, wishing and thinking to hands on making it happen. What a dramatic shift!

Published Thursday, July 8, 2021

by Joyce Hopkins

Parry Sound North Star

Summer proceeds, our flax is growing. Time to hand weed. July 12, 2021

Planting our first flax crop. May 2021

May 4, 2021

The opening of Wave Fibre Mill is becoming more imminent. With the anticipated arrival date for equipment in June, our intention is for spinning by late summer/early fall.

New Location equals NEW NAME FOR THE MILL

Our new location comes with a new name. Unable to locate a site in McKellar Township the mill will now be situated in Seguin. We have adopted WAVE FIBRE MILL as our common user name.  WAVE FIBRE MILL is an extension of WAVE HANDMADE and will be universal wherever this business, or its parts, may roam in the future.

April 9, 2021

The Wave Fibre Mill project is moving forward with the purchase of the equipment for a semi-worsted spinning mill.

Our estimated installation time is for June 2021. We will be setting up operations and spinning this summer.

February 13, 2021

We have been quiet, but not idle, we are about to launch our first garments dyed with natural dyes. The project is an Ontario collaboration. Definitely SLOW FASHION at its best, using the skills and expertise of our fibreshed farmers and artisans.

Truly ‘soil to soil’, these garments support a local regenerative fashion industry.

To follow the unfolding of this project, watch for our ‘Field Woollen’ page.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Do McKellar businesses need help cutting red tape? Economic development corporation proposed

by Sarah Cooke, Parry Sound North Star

August 5, 2020

New to our production line is a fleece washer, a wet felting table and a needle felting machine. These pieces of equipment will expand our capacity to create and invent felted garments and accessories. Heather and I are very excited about the endless possibilities that have just opened up. 

Our thanks and acknowledgement to the SNAPP and NOW Programs, Sustainable New Agri-Food Products and Productivity Program and the Northern Ontario Women’s Program.

July 16, 2020

We are getting so close to being able to open our store, and one by one we will begin to offer product. Bear with us! As well as this being “slow fashion”, from local farms through local artisans to local production, the the technical stuff is presenting its own learning curve.

July 2, 2020



June 19, 2020

We are “on the map”. Our web page, a work in progress, is up!  Our next step is to get the store functioning so bear with us as we go forward.

We are true “Slow Fashion”, to be sure, with everything handwoven in small batches of a maximum of 12 yards at a time. Designs are ready to go, and will be posted on line as each batch of fabric comes available. We have the ‘Wondercoat’, a car coat, tunics, a 3 piece wool ‘walking suit’, all ready to put in the store. 

June 1, 2020

The most fun are the ‘Snippets’, pure wool children’s toys from the “scraps”. The advantage is that wool does not support a flame, so these are without added fire retardants, wool is anti-bacterial, it is washable, and it creates a plastic free toy that is repairable and ultimately completely biodegradable or compostable. They are unique and oh so cute! 

Also coming soon will be the first samples of the McKellar 150 Blankets. The sample weaving and testing has begun.