January 2022 Newsletter

Heather and Wave discussing the new wool knit fabric.

At the start of the New Year, we, like many others, reflect on the previous year and surmise about the upcoming one.  We are very optimistic about what 2022 is bringing to us at Wave Fibre Mill.  We are moving forward and anticipating a blast of movement shortly, expecting the hum of our first motors within the next few weeks. Every step has taken its time. We have been presented with considerations that we had never dreamed possible, but can now see a starting point on the horizon. There will be quite a shift in energy when that happens. This will be a year of movement and growth, realizing our dream of a mill.

In the meantime, workshops are being put in place and will be up and running, when we are next allowed. Make sure to check our website for full information.
We are continuing the development of our retail items in the meantime. One new line that we are playing with is the development of knit woolen undergarments. Remember the long johns that grandpa would never be without? Perhaps he knew something about keeping warm!

This is not as strange as it sounds. A time-honoured tradition, wool has been used to keep us warm since time began.  Wool has a unique quality that not only keeps you warm but also wicks away moisture from your body.  This natural fibre process is ideal for outdoor activities.  As you build up a sweat shoveling, walking, taking the kids down a nice toboggan hill, and right back up for another run, wool clothing will create a heat transfer, removing the moisture and creating a layer of warm air between you and the clothing, keeping you warm and dry.
Our coat yardage, made out of wool from the Norbouilette sheep at Ontario’s Pine Hollow Farms, is soft and silky which belies the belief that many hold about wool.  This yardage is woven as a twill in two colour ranges, light and dark, using grey and natural whites in different proportions.  All colours are the natural colours of the fleece, no dyes are used. The coat yardage is used to make the Wondercoat, Car Coat, ‘Raincoat’ and Hoods. It will also be used for the pullover anoraks and other outer wear. 

All of our currently available products are on our website. As we slide into production you will see the introduction of new items.

Having high quality woolen garments that keep you warm and protected from harsh winter weather, opens up your options to enjoy any outdoor activity, even in the coldest of winter conditions.