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McKellar 150 Tartan Throws

The McKellar Tartan Throw was designed to celebrate McKellar’s 150 years, in 2023, also, to commemorate the historic spinning and weaving mill that operated in Minerva Park and, as a support for a new mill development in our area.

Only 150 will ever be made and will be produced over the next three years.


The SNIPPETS are really a labour of love. Simple, rustic, “rag” dolls and whimsical stuffed animals. We make them because we feel it is important to be able to provide a simple, plastic-free toy to children. We use all our little pieces from other products and garments, striving to minimize any waste that may be produced. 


We are not only passionate about our fibres here at Wave Fibre Mill, we are also dedicated to teaching skills to our community. Our intention is to inspire and assist others in creating beautiful projects.

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