Farm to Fashion

Everything starts with the farm and each and every farm is unique. Unique in size, local, breed and mix of animals, in purpose, practices and products…each defining the needs of the farm.

We have processed fleece from east to west across Canada. Some farms look for roving and batts, others for yarn and felt and yet others for finished value added products like blankets or fabric that is uniquely theirs, raised by their own hands.

Fleece that we purchase for our own brand is Ontario grown. As well as the quality of fibre, we look to the farm to meet our mandate of responsible husbandry and regenerative practices.

What we are finding to be universal across the farms is the energy, interest, dedication and willingness to learn, share and teach.

We are finding incredibly beautiful Canadian fleece each excelling in it’s own properties and qualities, partnered with some truly wonderful individuals who are doing the work to bring this to market.