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Wave’s quest for a reliable continuous supply of local natural materials led to the creation of the Wave Fibre Mill project.

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Wool ‘Raincoat’

A plastic free ‘raincoat’.
Two layers of wool are proving to be quite effective in keeping us dry underneath.

The ‘raincoat’ is an unlined, knee length, zippered front, hooded coat, with a slight flare. It has two zippered sleeve pockets, two wool-lined hand warming pockets, and two large front cargo pockets with side openings. Brass zippers. 
Alone, it will keep the garments underneath dry in a light drizzle.

Hand woven, 100% undyed, Ontario grown Norbouillet wool.
Twill weave, natural grey with white.

The separate hood, pulled over the head to add a second layer of wool, protects the chest, shoulders and head from rain, snow or wind. This hood can be worn over any garment in any season. Wool soaks up and holds 25% of its weight in water and keeps you warm even when wet. When tested in a Montreal “all day rain”, the under layer of wool was dry come evening. Suitable for most conditions we generally find ourselves in.

The hood is the same fabric as the coat, but felted slightly for better absorbency and wind resistance.

Wonder Coat

For someone who likes the flair of a cape but wants the practicality of sleeves and pockets.  From picnic to opera, over jeans or out on the town.  Depending how you wrap, drape or pin, you have an unlimited range of looks.  Surprisingly warm for being unlined, extremely versatile and definitely unique.  Inspired by the Celtic blanket, a Wave original.   

The beauty of the coat is in the weight and drape of the hand woven fabric, colours grown ‘on the hoof’, not dyed, made from Ontario Norbouillet sheep bred specifically for the characteristics of their fleece. 

video cover photo Emily Neill


40 Mile Barn Sweater

This basic, sturdy sweater is made with 100% Ontario wool from Dunchurch.

Being a local farm, the carbon footprint is minimal. Once receiving the wool, it does not leave the shop until sold as a garment.

Once the raw fleece is spun into yarn, we knit the sweater, felt it, producing a garment made for the outdoors, wind and water resistant.

Very cozy outerwear.

Herringbone Tweed Tunic

A simple pullover T-dress, with crew neck, ¾ sleeves and two pockets. Loose and easy fitting, it can be worn over tights, leggings, jeans or a skirt. Generally worn loose, it can be belted at the waist or hip, worn over a turtleneck as a jumper, or under a vest or jacket.  A basic, that can be formal or casual depending on how you wear it.  Unlined, Norbouillet wool.

Customer review of Herringbone Tweed Tunic:

The tunic is very comfortable to wear, it is a nice casual roomy cut with two great front pockets. I have sensitive skin and have had no problem with the woven wool against my skin.The herringbone pattern is beautiful. The tunic gets softer and cozier each time I wear it. I generally wear with leggings or a long skirt. One of my favourite outfits to wear. It really is a thing of beauty!’ J B


The wool Anorak is incredibly cozy and warm, made for Canadian winters. Very popular, we can barely keep this on the shelf.

This  garment consists of 100% Ontario wool from Powassan, that is spun, knit and made under our roof. The Anorak is hooded, with a drawstring made of our wool cordage. The sleeve pocket has a brass zipper to secure small items. The front ‘kangaroo’ pocket keeps hands toasty. 

Available in two body lengths. Thigh length snugs around the hip to keep winter winds out. The short version is cropped to waist length. 

Limited customization can be available with the options of; long or short body length, long or short sleeve length, white or gray recycled cotton cuffs, and left or right handed sleeve pocket. If not buying off the rack, please contact us with specifics. 

Car Coat

Handwoven unlined Car Coat of the undyed Norbouillet wool. Shawl collar can be worn open and draped or pinned into a suit front or cowl. Long rolled sleeve. Two front patch pockets. Slight flair, knee length. Generous sizing compliments most body types. Available in light or dark.

Linen Workwear

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