The SNIPPETS are really a labour of love. Simple, rustic, “rag” dolls and whimsical stuffed animals. We make them because we feel it is important to be able to provide a simple, plastic-free toy to children. We use all our little pieces from other products and garments, striving to minimize any waste that may be produced.

Our dolls are 100% Ontario wool, (exclusive of trim), hand woven just for us by Ruth at Upper Canada Weaving in Toronto. The sheep are raised at Topsy Farm, Amherst Island, (a great name for kid stuff). The fleece is spun at Wellington Fibre Mill in Elora.

Each face is unique. One of a kind, just like us! First, needle felted with wool from Pondering Rock Farm. The face is then detailed with 100% cotton embroidery floss.

We give each doll a travel name for identification, but this can slip away as the new owner choses the name best suited.

Each Snippet arrives with a certificate stating their provenance, the “what and where” of the materials used in their construction.

Unexpectedly soft and squishy, washable, repairable and ultimately, completely biodegradable. 

Plastic and chemical free toys. Wool is anti-bacterial and does not support a flame so no chemical fire retardants have been added.

Love them dearly and spot wash as needed, with a soft nail brush, mild soap and tepid water. They also do well in the gentle “Handwash” cycle of most machines. Hang to dry.

Our stuffed animals are made from our hand woven fabric scraps. Each will vary slightly.

Age range; 3 years and up.