Weaving Community Together

by Catherine Caetano-Macdonnell

April 7, 2023

This spring we are celebrating sustainable practices and lifestyles that work in harmony to protect our environment and create vibrant, thriving communities. The regenerative farming movement and slow movement are lifestyles that several organizations and people in our community are adopting to create more sustainable and resilient networks and ecosystems. Wave Fibre Mill has a mission to make locally grown and processed products that honour respectful and responsible land-based traditions.

Regenerative farming is a movement rooted in Indigenous wisdom that emphasizes soil health and biodiversity to heal the land from degradation. When Wave Fibre Mill works with local fibre producers like small scale agriculture and family farms, they are creating close producer-to-consumer relationships and environmental regeneration. By sourcing these fibres from regenerative farms, local fibre mill organizations support a more sustainable and resilient food system in addition to creating beautiful products. We can all be part of the slow movement if we focus on mindfulness by trying to slow down and savour the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade products and their stories.

Sustainable practices impact all three elements in our communities: environment, social, and economy. The connections in a community work like an ecosystem or interconnected web between everything and everyone. At the centre of our local fibre and textile community the Fibre Mill is creating connections. They are connecting people, knowledge, processes, community, and ideas with a sustainable system. They make more than blankets. At the Fibre Mill they weave together environmental protective farming and manufacturing activities, community relationships, and growing business and local job opportunities. Let’s celebrate the power of regenerative farming and the slow movement together! Let’s celebrate by supporting our local artisans who are at the heart of this sustainable transformation.

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of McKellar, Wave has created an alpaca throw that represents what was going on in McKellar in the distant past and what is happening right now. We all can be more active in understanding our impact on local environments and make choices that contribute to our environment to build a stronger community.

To read more about the creation of this internationally recognized McKellar tartan and throw, and how to win one, go to McKellar 150.com. The lottery for one of these tartans and many other fabulous prices is also found at McKellar 150.com.