Our yarn is 100% Ontario wool from sheep, alpaca and mohair raised on small Ontario farms.

Each breed has it’s own qualities. The length of the fibre, the luster, the softness on the skin, the bounce or memory and colour vary with each breed.

We use a variety of breeds, dependent on the quality and characteristics required for our end use.

Each skein has been wet finished. Meaning, they are soaked in water with a touch of Eucalan soap. They are then rinsed and hung up to dry. This process allows the yarn to relax, bloom and plump all of its fibres. Bulk yarn sold on cones have not been wet finished.

Few people are actually allergic to wool. Chemically the same as your hair, it is usually an allergy to processing chemicals, lanolin or course fibre which can irritate skin.

“‘Most fibres below 30 microns, such as those produced by Merinos, Rambouillets or other fine wool sheep, don’t scratch…..almost anyone can find wools to wear comfortably.’ 

Carol Ikarius, The Field Guide to Fleece, 2013

All the colours of our yarn are the natural colours of the fleece with small batches of complimentary colours from natural dye stuffs coming on line.

Because we don’t use chemicals to burn off vegetation from the fibre, you may find tiny particles of plants within the yarn. These can be gently worked out with your fingers.

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